The Green Expo is an annual event hosted by the Zimbabwe Sunshine Group since 2008

The Africa Green Waste and Energy Expo and Summit is a Zimbabwe Sunshine Group and
Zimbabwean Government’s pinnacle event, occurring annually on a different theme to bring
dialogue among hundreds of participants from countries across the globe in order to develop
a “sustainably green” Africa. The AGWEES has always been a multi-disciplinary forum where
governments, development agencies, civil society, private sector, environment-based
technology practitioners and academic and research institutions can engage with their
counterparts to learn, collaborate, and take action on waste and energy issues that are driving
circularity or the lack thereof. This highly interactive event allows in-depth exploration of
issues of green jobs, circular economies and how civil society and governments can ensure
that a just transition is at the core of mainline African sustainable development agendas. It
provides an opportunity to refine commitments of actions and pledges from key stakeholders
towards the very popular Agenda 2063 in addition to preparing resolutions that will be
brought as contributions before panels in the delivery of high-level climate crisis events across
the globe.
Participants will discuss and share experiences on: policies and strategies on how to create
communities that are resilient to socio-economic, environmental and climate change hazards
and ensuring a just transition through innovative turn-about approaches, during the 12th

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